Painting and Palettes

I spent a lot of time working on village illustrations today. Below is an in-progress shot of an Austrian ski village - perfect subject matter for this snowy season. 

I love looking at my palette halfway through a painting and seeing all the colors in the actual piece swirled together. I've found that if my palette looks good, the color scheme on the painting is usually working too!

Megan and Lee's Life Story

Here is the final map incorporating the two European illustrations I showed in the last post. This project was a little different than most of my maps, because it included places from all around the US and across the ocean. Although the icons are laid out roughly in relation to each other, we decided that a storyboard look would be more appealing than trying to make a to-scale map.  I love how it turned out, and as always I love creating meaningful art pieces for people to give as gifts!

Label Stickers for Sale

My floral circle stickers are finally available for sale on Minted! I won Editor's Choice award for this design earlier this year in Minted's new sticker category. They come in five colors, and all text is completely customizable. I envisioned them on mason jars of homemade jam, but I can't wait to see how customers incorporate them into their own projects!