One Year at Tuck!

I can't believe it's summer already! Mark and I have been at Tuck for one year now. I've loved having the opportunity to get to know so many interesting people here in Hanover - all different backgrounds and experiences, and a very active and involved bunch of people! Of course that means lots of graphic design needs - logos, t-shirts, websites... I've meant to post about some of my favorite Tuck-related projects I've worked on throughout the year, but this will have to be a year-in-review summary post instead! Here are some of my favorite Tuck-related projects so far:


A logo and brand identity for Stroll, a new doula service run in New York City by a former Tuck Partner:


T-shirt and logo for Admitted Students Weekend:



T-shirt design for employees of theBOX food truck:



Logo, brand identity, and app design for Helloable, a social networking app created by a Tuck student:


Illustration for the Tuck360 Blog about what to bring for to Hanover for the winter weather:



And maybe my favorite, the Tuck Winter Carnival Poster:


Can't wait to see what the next year brings!